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Our membership plans are the key to achieving work-life balance when it comes to planning any aspect of your busy life. Through our extensive range of membership services, we allow you to prioritize your diary and outsource your to-do-list to your Lifestyle Manager – “to live your best life”.

A few simple steps is all it takes to get your dedicated Lifestyle Manager working for you. Our Lifestyle Managers take pride in managing responsibilities on behalf of our members, ensuring that you are updated on every facet of your request.

Looking for an ideal for someone? Why not give them THE GIFT OF TIME.

Restore balance back into life with the perfect gift for everyone – a family with a million commitments and an endless to do list, thank your client for their valued support, reward your team for their hard work, or give the gift of time to a newly engaged bride to be or new mum.


  • Entrepreneur,
    single parent, professional couples
  • Billed Monthly
  • Dedicated Lifestyle Manager
  • 10 Requests
  • Lifestyle Express Access
  • No long term commitments
  • 0 Additional nominated account holders


  • Entrepreneur, professional couple, busy family, executives, corporate organisation
  • Billed Monthly
  • Dedicated Lifestyle Manager
  • 25 Requests
  • Lifestyle Express Access
  • No long term commitments
  • 1 Additional nominated account holder


  • Entrepreneur, professional couple, executives, corporate organisations
  • Billed Monthly
  • Dedicated Lifestyle Manager
  • 50 Requests
  • Lifestyle Express Access?
  • No long term commitments
  • 2 Additional nominated account holders


  • Corporate organisations
  • Billed Monthly
  • Dedicated Lifestyle Manager
  • 100 Requests
  • Lifestyle Express Access?
  • No long term commitments
  • 5 Additional nominated account holders


What are requests?
A request is anything you would like us to do that can be completed within 20 minutes. If your request needs more time than 20 minutes, we will deduct additional requests from your remaining balance. You can also specify the maximum number of requests you would like us to expend on any particular task, and the maximum number of requests that can be used to complete a task is 6. If your request requires more time than this (e.g. planning a family holiday or private celebration), we can either deduct the required number of requests from your balance, subject to your approval of course, or bill you separately on an hourly basis.

What happens if I run out of requests?
If you run out of requests, you can either upgrade your membership, wait until your membership is renewed for the following month or alternatively, you will have access to additional requests charged at $30 per request.

What if I don’t use all of my requests within the month?
Requests that haven’t been used at the end of each month will automatically roll-over to the next month if you are an on-going member of Essential Solutions Lifestyle. If you decide to cancel your membership, then any unused requests will become void and not able to be used.

What can I ask you to do for me?
Almost anything, as long as it is not illegal or immoral. Occasionally, our users will submit a request that falls outside the scope of the services (for example, the task requires further research and experience, it is a project and not a request). When this happens, we will offer to quote you on an hourly rate or project fee to complete the task. A request for an onsite errand can be submitted to your Lifestyle Manager as part of your membership. The completion of these are charged at an hourly rate, the on-site errand running begins from the time the Lifestyle Manager departs the office until the last requested task is completed.

Do I have to sign a contract?
No. Membership is month to month and you can cancel your membership at any time prior to your next automatic renewal. Your membership will automatically renew each month on the date of commencement of your nominated membership, and you will be automatically billed on this date.

Can I change my membership type?
Yes. You can upgrade or downgrade your membership at any time. Upgrades take place immediately whereas downgrades take place at the end of your normal monthly subscription cycle.

Do you offer annual memberships?
We offer monthly memberships to provide you with the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your membership as your requirements or circumstances change. Should you require a Bespoke annual membership package it can be designed to suit our needs. Please contact us to discuss your annual membership requirements.

When is my dedicated lifestyle manager available?
Our Lifestyle Managers work standard business hours (8:00am – 6:00pm) Monday through Friday. You can submit requests at any time, but your dedicated lifestyle manager will only be available to work on your request during standard business hours.

What is Lifestyle Express?
Lifestyle Express provides after hours access to our team of on call Lifestyle Managers to help with urgent, weekend and after hours requests. Lifestyle Express is available for those instances when your dedicated Lifestyle Manager isn’t. Lifestyle Express is currently available from 6:00pm – 10:00pm Monday through Friday, and 10:00am – 4:00pm on weekends. Click here for more information on how Lifestyle Express works.

Do you offer trial memberships?
We offer trial memberships for us to demonstrate our range of services, which are charged at a rate of $30 per request. Once we have delivered your request, your Lifestyle Manager will work with you to select the right membership for your needs.

How do I pay for services?
All charges and costs incurred as a result of sourcing services and products on your behalf are billed directly to you. Your Lifestyle Manager will require credit card details for all purchases so you can be charged directly by the supplier. This process allows for transparency of all costs.